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If you wish to filter a specific format according to one or several criteria you can do this easily and quickly using the filter function.


Clicking on the <Filter> button displays a row with the filter icon between the column headings and the table contents. You can enter the filter condition in the corresponding row of this column by which you wish to filter.

You can also define several conditions at the same time (mathematical AND relation).







Note: Wildcards

You can also use the wildcards '?' and '*' to represent any character or any string of characters.





Data filter: ‘or’ requirement

You have the possibility to introduce within a field an ‘or’ requirement when you filter. If you want to filter, for instance, the window 'Classes | All lessons' by classes 1a or 1b, press and hold down the <Ctrl> key, click on the two classes in the combo box and press <ENTER>.