'Class' tab

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You will find the following input fields on the 'Class' tab.






These fields allow you to enter the number of male and female students (pupils) in a class. The two figures are added up automatically and displayed below the input fields.


These figures are only important for use with the room capacity function. For further details on the room capacity function, please refer to chapter Room capacity .


Time range

The entries for the time range are only displayed if you have licensed the Multi-week timetable module and are described in the relevant manual.


Class teacher

Several class teachers (form teachers) can be entered for a class. This field is used in conjunction with the weighting function Class teacher at least once per day , when printing timetables (for display in the heading) and lists and in Cover planning.


Alias (second name)

For certain purposes it may be desirable to use standardised designations instead of the usual names. Examples include printouts for local authorities and data exports to databases.

Alias names can be entered either for the element in question or under menu item ' Master data | Special data | Alias names '.



Note: One name for a group of classes

An alias can be defined for a group of classes via 'Master data | Special data | Alias names', e.g. '3abc” for '3a+3b+3c”.



Lesson table

The Lesson table serves as a useful tool for checking subject distribution in the Lesson planning and Value calculation module and has no other significance outside of it


Previous year's name

The class name from the previous year is required for use with the function< Last year’s teacher . The name of the class in the previous year can be entered here to ensure the class teacher accompanies the class into the new school year. This function is available if you have licensed the Lesson planning and Value calculation module.



Department. Classes can also be allocated to a particular department. This function is largely for information only and allows timetables and/or class lists to be printed specifically for individual departments. This function is particularly important for use with the e Department timetables module.


Class level

This function is only useful in connection with the modules Lesson planning and Value calculation , Students timetables or Course scheduling .


Regular school

For use with certain import/export interfaces.


External name

The external name is only used when several schools are created in a multi-user database with shared inter-school resources. For more details please refer to chapter Shared resourcesin the MultiUser manual.