'Timetable' tab

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This tab allows you to enter parameters and also to set codes .





Home room

This is where you can enter the name of the classroom assigned to a particular class. This subsequently makes the task of Entering lessons easier. Please see chapter Alternative rooms in the User tips for details on classes with no designated classroom.


Class group

This input field is designed specifically for use in Austrian teacher training colleges, British secondary schools, Belgian Gymnasiums and German Realschulen where students have a choice between several main and minor subject areas (core and differentiation lessons) or several subject areas of equal standing.




Please do not enter any data in this field if you are in any way unsure about the exact meaning of the function. You will find a more detailed explanation of class groups in chapter User tips/ Class groups


Lunch break min.-max

This function allows you to specify the maximum and minimum duration of the lunch break for individual classes.


For lunch breaks of exactly one hour, enter '1,1'. If you wish Untis to schedule a lunch break of at least zero and at most two hours, enter '0,2'.


Periods/day min.-max.

Specify the minimum and maximum number of periods / lesson units the class may be taught per day.


For example, enter '4,6' for a class that should have at least 4 periods, but no more than 6 periods, per day.


Max main subject pers./day

You can activate the main subject for any desired subject. Use this field to specify how many main subject periods may be taught as a maximum on any one day.


Max. consec. main subj. per/day

This function determines how many main subject periods may be taught consecutively on any one day.


Max. different less. /day

In some countries (in particular those which have all-day schooling) the authorities only allow a certain maximum number of different subjects to be taught to a class on any one day.


You can enter this maximum value in the field 'Max. diff. less./day' for each class.


Master class

Enter the same master class for type-separated class components if you wish to print the timetables together in a single timetable. Please see chapter User tips/ Type-separated class components and chapter Timetable creation / Several classes in one timetable'for further details.