'Timetable' tab

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You can make the following settings on the 'Timetable' tab .





Home room

Use this field to assign a dedicated home room to a teacher. This makes entering lessons easier subsequently.


Lunch break min.-max

Enter the minimum and maximum duration of lunch breaks for individual teachers.


Periods/day min.-max

Input in this field determines the minimum and maximum number of periods a teacher should teach each day. Enter '2,5' for a teacher who should teach between 2 and 5 periods per day. Leaving this field empty allows Untis to schedule any number of periods for a teacher.


NTPs min.-max

Use this field to specify the minimum and maximum number of NTPs (free periods, non-contact periods) per week for an individual teacher. An empty field is equivalent to the entry '0,0'.


Max. consec. periods/half day

This field allows you to specify the maximum number of consecutive periods a teacher should teach before an NTP (break) is scheduled.


Daily Fr. Break

In schools where lessons continue until evening, it is often desirable to specify the length of time between the last period in the evening and the first period in the morning to allow a sufficiently long break between classes.


The time grid of a school shows a total of 11 periods per day. On Monday, teacher X teaches until period 9. A value of '4' entered under 'Daily Fr. Break' means that Untis will attempt to keep periods 1 and 2 on Tuesday free for teacher , i.e. a total a total of 4 free periods.


Teacher optimisation code

The teacher optimisation code is important when optimisation is performed using variable teacher assignment.


Permissible entries are either numbers 1 to 9 or letters A-Z.


Entering a number means that during optimisation with variable teacher assignment, the relevant teacher's lessons can only be exchanged with those of another teacher who shares the same optimisation code.


On the other hand, entering a letter results in lessons only being exchanged with teachers with a different (or no) optimisation code.


Max. dwell time

Certain school systems have a maximum dwell time for teachers per day. This dwell time includes scheduled periods, as well as NTPs and lunch breaks. Use this field to define the dwell time.


Current timetable

All NTPs of the teacher are shown here regarding the current timetable.