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(P) NTPs allowed

As a rule, NTPs (non-teaching periods) should be avoided at all costs. Possible exceptions are NTPs for pseudo classes and class components.


(F) Lessons not on adjac. days

Use this function for part-time classes that do not have lessons every day of the week if you wish to avoid scheduling lessons on consecutive days. In this case select this code.


(2) 2 consecutive days

Vocational schools sometimes have classes which only have lessons on two days a week. The selection of the weekdays does not matter, howeer, they need to be consecutive so that the students do not need to travel to school twice a week. Check this box and this condition is fulfilled.


(H) Sched. a.m./p.m. not both

This function ensures that lessons can only be scheduled for one half-day of the day, i.e. Untis can allocate lessons either in the morning OR in the afternoon of the same day.


(Y) Keep curr. loading pattern

Tick this option if you wish to block the allocation of lessons before the first and after the last periods already scheduled (for use with a subsequent optimisation run).





Time grid showing permitted scheduling options for use with a subsequent optimisation run where option Y is activated (the last morning lesson is period 5, the first afternoon lessons is period 6).


This means that in a subsequent optimisation already allocated lessons and NTPs may be rescheduled. This code is typically activated when you wish to leave non-teaching time for teachers and classes unchanged when scheduling the timetable. Extracurricular activities are not then affected by the new timetable




This function imposes considerable restrictions on subsequent optimisation runs and should not be activated without due consideration.