Class time grid

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You will only find the <Class time grid>SD_12_033button in the toolbar under 'Master Data | Classes' (i.e. for no other element).


The class time grid allows you to specify that

certain periods should be used for scheduling double periods

certain periods should be used for scheduling single periods and

certain periods should (not) be the last lesson for that class on a particular day.


1. If you wish to schedule double periods by preference in the first two periods of the day (on every day of the week) as shown in the example, mark the desired range and click on the <Double periods> button in the 'Schedule' block .


2. If you wish to reserve a range of the day(s) for scheduling single periods, use the <Single periods> button accordingly.



Warning: Sufficient double periods

Please note that it is essential to define a suitable minimum and maximum number of double periods in the lessons window of the class in question in order for this setting to work.


3. You can also use the <No> button in the 'Last period' block to specify those periods after which lessons for the class may not end. This is important if you have to take local transport timetables (school buses) into consideration when preparing your school timetables.



Note: Copying

Use the <Copy> button to transfer the settings you have made here to other classes.





The sample timetable corresponds to the settings made in the figure above.