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The following input fields relate exclusively to rooms master data.





Alternative room

An alternative room is a room that is functionally equivalent to the specified (desired) room and that Untis can use for scheduling purposes when the desired room is unavailable. Please see the chapter on Room logic for a detailed description of the alternative room function.


Room weighting

Room weighting gives an indication of the importance of a room for a particular lesson scheduled to take place in that room.

Room weighting 4: a lesson can only be scheduled if the desired room or one of its alternative rooms is available (e.g. PE classes).

Room weighting 0: Untis can schedule lessons even when neither the desired room nor one of its alternative rooms is available (useful for lessons where no specific teaching aids are required).

Room weighting 1-3: appropriate intermediate levels.

If no weighting is entered for a room, the weighting will correspond to 2.



Note: Room optimisation

Please note that the allocation of rooms is affected not only by room weighting, but also to a large degree by the slide control' Room optimisation '. Please refer to chapter Room logic for more information.


Off-site codes

Off-site rooms are classrooms and specialist subject rooms not located in the main building of the school but at an external site too distant to reach within the space of a normal break. Enter the values 1 to 9 for off-site locations with start-time graduation and the values A to E for off-site locations without start-time graduation Further details on the off-site function can be found in the section Off-site rooms .


Room capacity

This is where you can enter the maximum student capacity for a particular room.


Please read chapter Room capacity if you wish to include room capacity as a factor when assigning rooms for lessons.



Department. Rooms can be allocated to a specific department. These details are largely for information purposes only and allow printouts of timetables and/or room lists to be produced for individual departments.


Corridors (Break superv.)

Use this field to enter up to two corridors that the room adjoins. These fields are only useful in connection with the additional module Break Supervision .


External name

The external name is only used when several schools are created in a multi-user database with shared inter-school resources. For more details please refer to chapter Shared resourcesin the MultiUser manual.