Serial change

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Untis provides two ways of making serial changes.


Cursor marking


Move the cursor over (i.e. mark) the desired range so that the fields are highlighted in yellow. Now enter the desired value without clicking. This will be entered into each marked field.






Note: Marking

You can also mark fields using the keyboard: <SHIFT>+<Down arrow> or <SHIFT> +<Up arrow>. Additionally you can also hold down the <CTRL> key to mark cells which are not right underneath each other.


Serial change function


You will find the <Serial change>SD_12_015button in the toolbar of the window. Clicking on this button opens the serial change dialogue allowing you to enter the value to be changed in the 'Current content' field and the new (desired) value in the 'New content' field.





The change is always only effected for elements displayed in the current window. If you wish the change to apply to all elements of this type, check the option 'Whole file'.


If you have flagged elements with the ' Marked (m) ' code, you can limit the changes to those elements only.



Note: Setting/removing check marks

It is also possible to set or remove check marks. The value 'x' represents a check mark. Leave the field empty, if no check mark is to be set.