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There are three sorting options available to you.


Manual sorting using drag&drop


If you wish to re-order elements, simply click in the first (grey) column of the element that you wish to rearrange and hold the left mouse button pressed. Now drag the element to the desired position in the list.


You can also change the order of the columns using drag&drop.






Automatic temporary sorting


Clicking on the column heading will temporarily sort the table by the contents of the column in ascending order. A further click on the column will sort the data by this column in descending order.



Warning: Temporary

After closing and reopening the window, the original order will be restored.







Automatic permanent sorting


Clicking on the <Sort> buttonSD_12_010opens an additional window where you can specify up to five different sort criteria hierarchically.





Select which fields the view is to be sorted by. When the option 'Use this sorting in all drop-down menus' is checked, the sort setting will be used at all points in the application where these elements are listed.


Permanent sorting via ‚Settings‘

You can activate permanent sorting by clicking on <Settings> | Miscellaneous | Customise | 'Always sort teachers and subjects'