Displaying/hiding columns

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Basically you have two different ways of influencing how columns are displayed: either using <Grid adjustment> or via the form view .




Tip: Show all fields with content

Clicking on the <Show all fields with content>SD_12_005button displays all columns which contain at least one entry. This function is particularly useful for tracking down any data entry fields.



Grid adjustment


Click on the <Grid adjustment> button and check the columns (under 'Active') that you wish to display.



Note: Additional possibilities

You can use <Grid adjustment> to determine whether a column should be included in printing and whether the short name or full name of the element in question should be used.







From the form view


Move the cursor in the form view to the desired item until a four-headed arrow is displayed. You can now use drag&drop to drag this item into the grid view, where it will be displayed as a column.





If you wish to hide the column, hold the <CTRL> key pressed and drag it from the grid view at the top to the form view at the bottom.