Master data

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This chapter describes the input and maintenance of master data and provides a detailed description of master data properties.


Master data are basic input details essential for the construction of school timetables. They include the particulars of teachers , classes , rooms and subjects which are used to form the lessons in the timetable, but also other important information such as departments or corridors. You can access the 'Master Data' either via the 'Data' tab, the most important elements can also be accessed via the 'Start' tab.





The master data categories 'Classes', 'Teachers', 'Rooms' and 'Subjects' are particularly important as they are the main building blocks for the construction of lessons. We will therefore refer to these types of master data as elements .


All master data are managed in so-called formats. Formats are windows designed for the input of new master data and the maintenance (i.e. modification) of existing master data. All master data formats are essentially very similar in use and structure. The following chapter describes the similarities between different master data formats.