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Additional master dataYou will find the following master data under menu item 'Master Data | Special data' :


Student groups

Student groups facilitate student assignment in WebUntis . They play no role in lesson scheduling.


Alias names

For some purposes it may be necessary to use different names than the names specified in master data for elements. For example:

Standardised official specialist designations for authorities

Standardised names for interfaces to official databases

Timetable printing


If you wish to use the aliases specified here in timetable printouts, you must check the box 'For the timetable' and also set the appropriate code in the corresponding timetable view. Please refer to chapter Alias under Timetable for more information.



Descriptions are master data elements in their own right with (short) name and full name. They are useful when designations apply to several elements.


You can for example provide somewhat longer text in the full name of a description. It is then sufficient to enter the (short) name of the description in other master data elements in order to choose between the (short) name or full name of the corresponding description for printed reports and views.






You can assign each master data element to a department (in the case of teachers, to several departments). This is only of further significance when used with the Department timetables module. If you do not use this particular module, entering a department name is mainly for informational purposes and can, for example, be printed out on timetables. However, some reports can be printed on a departmental basis.



Corridors must be specified for scheduling breaks (corridor supervision). These functions require a license for the Break supervisionmodule.