Details, overview timetables

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The following print options are available for overview timetable formats 11, 20 and 30:


Number of rows/columns per page

This option allows you to specify the number of rows and columns to be printed on one page. The example shows an overview timetable for the room availability for classes. The number of rows and columns is to be calculated automatically. In this case there is space for three days.





With the option 'Several timetable blocks per page' you can define that individual days of the overview timetable are printed underneath each other on the same page. 'Timetable blocks' refere here to consecutive days which can be printed next to each other on the resprective page.





Coupling legend

As with individual timetables, the printed versions of overview timetables can also include a legend containing the details for which there is insufficient space in the timetable periods. The legend for overview timetables is always printed on a separate page.


Intermediate headings

Overview timetables can contain a large amount of data. For purposes of clarity, the row and column headings can be repeated at regular intervals.





If intermediate headings are not to be repeated at regular intervals but before specific elements, please use the field 'Heading before this element'.(Print | Details)


Page heading

In the field 'Page heading' (Print | Details) you can define a text which will be printed as a heading on every page.