Individual timetables

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Individual timetables always show the timetable of one single element (class, teacher, room, subject, studen). You can choose between portrait (weekdays at the top) or landscape (weekdays in the rows) format.






Individual timetables in portrait format always have the number 1 in their name- e.g. Cla1 or Cla1A, individual timetables in landscape format always have the number 10 in their name- e.g. Tea10 or Tea10A. The short name of the formate is displayed in the title bar of the timetable or you go to <Timetable-Settings>, tab 'General'.






A special type of individual timetable is the subject timetable. All periods of the school of this subject are displayed. Subject timetables are available in the formats 01, 10 and 11. The example below shows a subject timetable of the subject 'German'.