Window set-up

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You can open ready-made timetables for classes, teachers, rooms and subjects under 'Timetables' in the main menu. You can also display timetables for individual students when using the Student timetable or Course scheduling modules.


Basically, a timetable window consists of the tool bar and three separate sections: the information window at the top, the actual timetable in the middle and the period details window at the bottom.






The toolbar is usually located at the top of the window, but can be moved to any window edge – right, left or bottom – and can even be dragged out of the window altogether. You can also remove unwanted buttons from the toolbar ('Add or remove buttons' option).





Pop-up windows


Let us assume that have opened a class timetable and perhaps now wish to view the associated teacher timetable or wish to make a small change in the relevant a lesson window. You can use the two arrows at the top of the screen to quickly open and close these windows.


For example, from a class timetable you can click on the right arrow to open a teacher timetable and the left arrow to open a lesson timetable for classes.