Coupled lessons

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If you also wish to display the details of lesson couplings in the timetable, proceed as follows:

1.        First, enlarge the period window by clicking on it (the background will turn blue) and dragging the edges until it is the desired size. Details on subjects, teachers and rooms are to be displayed side by side.



2.        Highlight the fields for subject, teacher and room using <Ctrl>+click and insert them using <Ctrl>+C and <Ctrl>+V. Use the mouse to move them to the desired position.





3.        You can centre the field by checking the respective box, either horizontal or vertical. You also can write elements in bold, in italics or you can underline them, or you can left-align, centre or right-align them.





4.        The timetable now displays the details of the first and second coupling row in the timetable period