Import and export of formats

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As a general rule, the formats you create are saved in the current work file. In order to make these views available for use in other files, you need to import or export them





Select 'File | Import / Export | Untis | Formats/Window groups/Ribbon'“.

         Select the 'Export of formats (gpf)' tab from the dialogue box.





Enter a name in the name field of the export file (e.g. 'New.gpf').




You can export the format details of timetable views and of master data views. Select a particular timetable view for export by clicking on <Select> in the row 'Timetable formats'.

From the dialogue box, select the timetable view whose format you want to export and confirm by clicking on <OK>.




The format data has now been saved in the file 'New.gpf'. You can now make your formats available to other Untis users (minus school data) or import the formats into other files.


Use the same method to import formats from a .gpf or directly from a .gpn file.