Information window

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The information window in the upper section of the timetable shows useful information for timetable planning and the date range of the time table.




For the respective element the number of weekly periods according to lessons and the number of (weekly) periods which are not scheduled at the moment are displayed.


Text and description of the master data are reflected in the timetable. In the class timetables also the class teacher (form teacher) of the respective class is displayed.





Time range


The time range of a timetable can be found on a respective week, the selected term or on the total school year. By clicking on the calendar icon you can select the time range.



Tip: time range term

If you are working with terms it is recommended to set the time range of the timetables to 'Term'. It will always display the time range of the currently selected term and no misunderstandings will occur, e.g. if the term shows the second term and the timetable is set to a week in November.






Tip: Change of time range

The time range can also be changed by using the key combination <Ctrl+D>.