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Modify the print layout on the 'Layout 1' and 'Layout 2' tabs under <Settings> .







On the tab Layout 1 you can select the 3D layout option for Headings, Scheduled periods and Free periods under '3D layout'.


Under Layout 2 you can select different settings for printing.





Do not print empty rows / columns

Empty rows or columns will not be printed. This option allows for considerable savings in paper and space (especially for summaries and timetables in HTML format).


Print black & white

Select this option if the timetables on your screen are colour-coded, but you wish the timetables to be printed in black & white (for instance, because your printer does not support colour printing).



1 heading per page

You can print any number of timetables on one page and by default the heading (school name, date, file name etc.) appears above each timetable. You can deactivate this functionality by checking '1 heading per page' and so print just one heading on a page.