Several fields - timetable period window

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1.Open the new timetable view (or open the demo.gpn file and open 'Timetable | Portrait | Class Timetable' ), click on <Settings> and select 'Period window'. This will open the graphics editor that can be used to modify the contents of the timetable period window. Currently, only the subject is displayed in the period




2.In addition to the subject, you now wish to display the teacher and the room of the lesson. Click on <New field>. In the 'Field type' section, select 'Teacher' and click on <OK>. Repeat the same process for the room.





3.The next task is to arrange the three fields for subject, teacher and room next to each other in such a way that they are easy to read. First, enlarge the period window by clicking on it (the background will turn blue) and dragging the edges until it has the desired size.





4.Arrange the three fields as shown in the example. Click on the field you wish to move. While the field is blue, the cursor will change to a cross, allowing you to move the field with the cursor. When all three fields have been arranged to your satisfaction, confirm with <OK>





5.The timetable now displays the subject, teacher and room for each period:









Holding the <Ctrl> key pressed allows several fields to be marked in the graphics editor and to be moved all together using the arrow keys. If several fields are marked, you can hold the <SHIFT> key pressed and shrink or enlarge all fields using the arrow keys.