Several classes in one timetable

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When a class is divided into two components, for instance a science and a languages group, but the timetables of the two components differ in only a few key respects, it can be useful to output the timetables of both class components in a single timetable.


To do this, enter the combined class name of the classes whose timetables you want to print on a single timetable in the 'Master class (TT print-out)'' field under 'Classes | Master Data'.





The example shows a class with a science (10a_S) group and a languages group (10a_L). The period details window shows that the students in the science group (10a_S) are scheduled to have a Physics lesson on Wednesday period 1, while the students of the Languages group (10a_L) are scheduled to have French. The combined name of the class is 10a. The screen display shows the names of all class components (10a + 10a_S + 10a_L).





The timetable printout contains all the information of the class components in a single timetable for class 10a.






If you wish to prevent timetables from being combined for specific timetable layouts, deactivate the option 'Show master classes separately' on the Layout 2 tab under <Settings>.