Several weeks

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This format is important to you, if you use the module 'Multi-week Timetable'. It shows the individual school weeks in columns next to each other and the periods of every week in rows one below the other. Periods which are alternating on a weekly basis and interruptions can be seen at one sight.


The example shows the timetable of Class 10aBT from school weeks 16 to 35 for Monday and Tuesday.








In Format 11 you may also display the terms instead of the weeks in columns. Check the selection box 'One column per term' in <Timetable-Settings> on the tab 'Layout 2“ .



Displaying several weeks is also possible for overview timetables. Format 21 shows an overview of all school weeks and of all elements.






In the timetable settings on the 'Selection range' tab you can define how many periods per day are to be displayed.