Period details window

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Since there is often not enough space in the individual cells of the timetable to display all the relevant data for the active period, Untis provides a third window for the display of such information – the period details window. The font size used in the period details window can be changed via <Settings>. The period details window provides details on the currently active lesson.



SG_30400        SP_018_010



In the example the 'L-No.' column shows lesson number 82. Below the lesson number, you will see the time request entered for the active period under 'Classes | Master Data' ('+3').





Tea. Subj. Rm.

The second column shows all the teachers, subjects and rooms involved in the lesson. The period details window displays one row for each coupling.


If the optimisation tool has allocated a different (alternative) room instead of the home room entered for the lesson, the name of the home room is shown in parentheses. The example shows that room Ps1 is the room entered for the lesson, but the actual scheduled room is the alternative room R1a.







This column displays the class(es) involved in the active lesson (classes 1a and 1b in the example).







The 'Time' column displays time restrictions and/or periodicities – a particularly important function for use with the Multi-week timetable module For instance, the GA lesson in the example takes place on a fortnightly basis in weeks of type A.







Shows the number of students entered for the lesson or elective subject (for use with the Course scheduling module) Lesson 6 in the file demo.gpn, for instance, contains the student numbers for the individual special classes.






Special text

The column 'Special text' contains the text or the description entered for the lesson, and the line text entered in the lesson details window. Lesson 6 in the file demo.gpn, for instance, contains the description 'Special Lesson'.

Line text-2

In addition to the line text, the 'Line text 2' field in the form view of the lessons window can be used to define a second, independent line of text. In the example, a line text has been defined ('Beginners' and 'Advanced') for each of the coupling lines with the subject EN (English).


Hide and show columns

Individual columns can be hidden or shown in the period details window. Right-click on the heading row in the period details window and deactivate the desired column.







Columns displayed in a timetable period details window are printed in the legend when the timetable is printed. If the legend takes up too much space in the printout, you can simply hide columns them in the corresponding timetable view.