Timetable window

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The middle part of the timetable window shows the actual timetable for the active element The display offers a variety of different settings and options that allow you to customise it to suit your individual requirements. Please refer to chapter 'User-defined views' for a detailed description of these settings.





Clicking on a (scheduled) period on the timetable activates the period and causes the cell to be outlined in red-yellow. All other periods associated with the active lesson are highlighted in blue-yellow. If the display of colours in the timetable has been deactivated (colour palette icon), the active period will be displayed in pink and the other periods associated with it in light blue. This shows you at a single glance how the periods of this lesson are distributed throughout the week.


Resize the window

This function adjusts the window frame to the size of the displayed timetable window.




The buttons <Lock period>, <Undo>, <Allocate/Delete room> and <Suggested swaps> are intended for performing manual changes to the timetable and are therefore described in chapter “Manual timetabling'.


Change size


You can easily change the size of timetables in the timetable window. Drag the dividing lines between the columns to the right to make the column wider or to the left to make the column narrower or drag the dividing line between the rows in order to adjust the height by dragging the boundary to the height that you want.







By clicking the button <All elements of the lesson> in an individual timetable, tabs will be displayed which show all classes, teachers and rooms involved in a lesson. Click on a tab and the respective timetable of the element will be shown.