Timetable formats

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Untis offers over 50 different predefined timetable layouts. The layouts are accessible via the tab 'Timetable'. You can choose between 'individual timetables', 'Overview timetables' and timetables for 'several weeks'.





By clicking on the button 'Timetable formats' all formats are listed.




Each timetable layout has a unique short and long name. Click on <Show the TT >SG_31800or double click on the full name of a format to open the timetable.


Standard format

The timetable format which is set as standard is the format which will open with some of the predefined window groups - e.g. by clicking on <classes> of the 'Start' tab.


Timetables in the menu

In addition, you can specify which timetables you wish to include in the menu, i.e. which timetables you wish to be able to access quickly.





As a standard the predefined formats are displayed for all types of timetables. However, you can also view only one single element (class, teacher, etc.).