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Headings in individual timetables (formats 1, 10 and 11) can be customise for printing. Click on Page layout on the pen symbol.


By default, the full and the short names of the element will be displayed. Layout and format (font size, alignment, font style etc.) of individual headings can be changed in the upper right-hand section of the window






Click on <New field> to insert the following additional headings into your timetable (see example below):



Text, Description

You can assign a text and a description of your choice to each master data element (via 'Master Data | Descriptions') and instruct the software to include these details in the headings of printouts.


The example shows a heading containing the text and description entered under the master data for class 1a. The two fields are arranged side by side. The maximum number of characters has been extended to 15 and the font style set to bold







Allows you to include the name of a department in the heading of printed timetables (useful when working with department timetables).



Class teacher

Allows you to include the name of the class teacher (entered under the master data of a class) in the heading on printed class timetables.



Time range

Select the time range you want to display in the heading. You can choose between calendar week, term, a customised date range or the total school year - depending on the date range entered under 'Selection range' under <Settings>.







Allows you to include the full or short name of a term in the heading of printed timetables (when working with terms).


Fixed (constant) text

Text entered here (e.g. elective subject timetable) is displayed on all timetables of this format.