For individual periods

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If you would like to allocate an additional lesson to a certain period for a certain class or a certain teacher, just right-click on the respective period and select 'Special duty / Change period'.





The class according to timetable has already been pre-selected in the dialogue showing up. All other elements such as teacher, subject and room can be defined by the respective selection fields. The following options are available:


Only available teachers

If this option is checked, only those teachers are shown who do not have a lesson in the selected period.


Only subjects of the teacher

Limits the selection to those subjects the teacher teaches.


Only free rooms

Shows only those rooms which are available in this period.


Student group

If the additional lesson should not be created for the entire class you can enter or select a student group here.


Additionally, you can enter a 'text' for this additional lesson which is then shown as substitution text.





Finally, you confirm with <OK>.


The special duty you created this was is displayed as special duty in both the timetables and the substitution list.





If you enter a teacher who is already scheduled for a lesson instead of an available teacher, not only the special duty is created but also an unscheduled substitution or a cancellation according to your substitution time grid of the original lesson of the respective teacher is generated:






Tip: Change special duty post hoc

If you want to change elements of the special duty after you have created it, make those changes directly in the substitution list in the respective line of the special duty.