Minute calculation

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Value calculation can be performed to the exact minute. To do this, check the option 'Minute calculation' under 'Start | Settings | Miscellaneous' on the 'Value calculation' tab.





The 'Target/week', 'Value=' and 'Actual-planned' fields in the teacher master data will not be filled with hours and minutes.




Warning: Unscheduled periods

Unscheduled periods will not be included in the calculation of minutes since they cannot be assigned a duration (since the time grid allows each lesson to have a different duration).










Any entries previously made in the 'Target/week' field will not be lost. The entries will be active once more when you uncheck the option 'Minute calculation'.





Reductions will also be displayed exactly to the minute. The figure shows that teacher Gauss is given 10 fewer hours owing to his age. He also spends 50 minutes a week looking after the library.






Weekly values


It is possible to switch between 'Timetable | Hours' and 'Substitution plan | Hours' in the weekly values. All values will be calculated exactly to the minute.