Assignment during optimisation

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Untis also allows teacher assignment to be changedduring optimisation. This means that Untis may replace the teacher that you have entered for a lesson with another who is more suitable from the scheduling point of view. Such replacements will of course only be performed for lessons where you expressly wish this to happen (detailed explanations follow later).


Automatic teacher assignment during optimisation is also contained to a limited degree in the standard package. However, it is only with the 'Lesson planning' module and the associated possibility of entering teaching qualifications that it shows its full potential.


In order to be able to use the variable teacher assignment during optimisation at least one of the following conditions - in addition to the entered qualifications - must be met:

There are lessons where the ?-teacher is assigned.

There are lessons where the '(V) Variable teacher' code has been set.



Warning: Couplings

The 'V' code relates to all teachers of a particular lesson. If you do not wish to replace individual teachers in a coupled lesson, you must mark the relevant coupling line using the 'Fixed teacher assign.' box. This has the effect of suspending the 'V' code for this teacher.





Whereas the standard package only allows those teachers to be exchanged who have the same subject with the same number of periods, the lesson planning module allows Untis to choose from all teachers who have an appropriate qualification and whose 'Targ/week max' value (to be found on the 'Values' tab under 'Teachers | Master Data') would not be exceeded in the event of an exchange.






Bottlenecks due to an unfavourable assignment of teachers to lessons will be avoided in the process of optimisation.