Automatic balance at school year end

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You can have Untis automatically calculate and record the yearly balance as in the previous example.


We will illustrate this with a concrete example:

Open the Demo2.gpn file and for the sake of clarity close all windows (CTRL + K).

We now want to create the file for a new school year and automatically calculate the yearly balance values.

Please note that the reduction reason 'Balance at year end' already exists under 'Modules | Value calculation | Reduction reasons'.



Now invoke the <New school year...> function ('File | New school year...).



Select suitable start and end dates for the new school year with the help of the 'from' and 'to' date fields.

Now check the option 'Carry the excess to the yearly balance' and confirm with <OK>. The window with the yearly balance will open.





1.First select those teachers for whom the yearly balance should be calculated. Select all teachers apart from the ? teacher.

2.Next, select the reduction reason that should be entered for the yearly balance values In our example we select the reason 'UE'

3.Click the button <Create yearly balance>.

4.The yearly balance list contains suggested reductions for the following school year based on the actual-planned value of the current year. You can edit the suggested values manually.

5.Finally, select those reduction reasons for which all reduction reasons should be deleted from the beginning of the new school year.

6.Clicking <OK> closes the window and makes the modifications to the reductions.