Examples of lesson values

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You can influence the value of a lesson in several ways.

Directly by entering a fixed value. This results in all other input values and factors that affect this lesson being overridden. If you precede the value with an additional equals sign'=', time limitations will also be ignored. (This will be illustrated later in the course of a another example.)

Negative values are also valid.

Indirectly , by preceding the existing value with a '+'or '*'. This defines either a summand that is added to the total value of the lesson or a further factor that is multiplied with the value.


The figure below shows you teacher Newton's lessons. The 'Value = ' column displays the total value of the lesson in question.





A fixed value of 1.500 has been entered in the second line (lesson number 4). The original value of this lesson - 1.16 - has been overwritten by this new value and the individual factors thereby overridden.


In the third row you will see the entry 2.000 for lesson 28. However, the 'Value=' column contains the value 1,40 since the time limitation has been taken into account.


Lesson 39 is very similar to lesson 26 However, in this case '=2.000' was entered under value. Prefixing the equals sign means that the time limitation is not taken into account.



The modifications and entries described always have an effect on lessons as a whole. For example, entering a fixed value for a coupled lesson that is held by two teachers can have an effect on both of them.




Note: Line values

Use the 'Line value' input field if the entry should only apply to one teacher. This field does not apply to the whole lesson. It only affects the coupling row in question. As with the 'Value' field, you can enter additional factors, summands or fixed values in the 'Line value' field.


The 'Examples of value calculation' chapter contains an example dealing with the line value .


You can find a more detailed description of how values are calculated in chapter ' Examples of value calculation.