Examples of yearly values with limits

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Lesson number 4 is used here as an example. It should take place between 5 October and 7 Februaryy. Class, teacher and subject factors are not to be included in the calculation.


'Count only school days' not active


Not activating the 'Count only school days' option means that the calculation is based on 18 weeks. You can see the number of weeks in the school year calendar on the 'Value calculation' tab.


This results in a value of 18.000 for the one-period lesson 4.






'Count only school days' active


If you activate the 'Count only school days' option, the second week of the Christmas holidays will not be counted. This results in the following value: 1 (weekly period) * 16 (weeks) = 16.000.




Target periods / year


If you enter a value in the 'Target per. / yr.', which you can find in lessons on the 'Values' tab, this hour value will be used for value calculation, and in this case time limitations will no longer be taken into account.