Entries in the lesson matrix

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The lesson matrix is not just for display purposes; you can enter values into the individual cells. You can create, change and delete lessons.


Creating a new lesson


Click into the respective field of the matrix in order to create a new lesson. Enter in the left section at the bottom the weekly and the yearly periods. Now you can continue in the right section with required entries.






Modifying a lesson


You can modify a lesson in two different ways:


1) In the details window

In contrast to the timetable details window, you can modify in the matrix all entries you see in the details window exactly there.





2) Directly in the matrix

In the active cell of the matrix you see a little field with three dots. Click on it and a window will pop up where you can modify the lesson.





Deleting a lesson


Selecting a cell and clicking on the <Delete> button or pressing <DEL> removes the entry from the matrix and deletes the lesson.