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This chapter is not just intended as an introduction but also as a reference manual for the modules lesson planning and value calculation. It therefore contains a description of everything required for scheduling lessons and calculating values .


All Untis users will benefit from the first three sections of the Teachers’ work chapter. They contain everything required by a timetable scheduler who also is responsible for planning the deployment of teachers. The ' Teacher’s yearly work ' feature, described in the final section of this chapter, is currently used mainly in the Netherlands.


Many planning functions such as ' Lesson comparison ' or functions for the automatic assignment of teachers 'are certainly very useful but have been skipped in the initial section covering familiarisation with the system and are described later in the ' Planning tools ' chapter.


Lesson planning becomes really challenging when lessons are evaluated and weekly periods are not just counted. If you have (so far) managed without value calculations, you are in the fortunate position that you can omit the second part of this manual which is concerned with value calculation.


If, on the other hand, you require value calculation you are also in a lucky position, as you now have the valuable assistance that Untis provides. You will not require everything described here - yearly percentage calculation is, for example, something very special - but reading through the appropriate chapters will be extremely worthwhile.


The final chapter 'Value calculation with the multi-week timetable module' deals above all with those problems created by time-limited or other non-yearlong lessons when planning teacher deployment. These types of problem are likely to become increasingly important in the future.