Settings in the lesson matrix

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By clicking on the <Settings> toolbar icon you open a window offering numerous display possibilities for the lesson matrix.





Elements of the matrix

Subject groups (instead of subjects): If the element type 'Subject' is in the rows or columns, subject groups can be displayed instead of subjects. If you have defined the element type 'Subject' for cells, this option will have no effect on the way in which the lesson matrix is displayed.

Group classes by

If you work with lesson tables or with the department timetable module, you can also group classes by these criteria.




You have the option to display weekly periods, value units or lesson numbers. A coupling can be indicated by a full stop.


Highlight in colour


These possibilities are described in the chapter Lesson matrix short description by using an examples.

Other setting

Selection of the week : Lesson display will be limited to one week, i.e. only those lessons will be displayed that take place in the selected week. This option is only available with the multi-week timetable module.

Hide ignored lessons : This option ensures that ignored lessons in the matrix are not displayed.

Considering couplings in totals: If you choose to display totals and also activate the selection box 'Consider couplings for the totals', periods belonging to the same coupling will only be counted once.

display actual-planned balance of the teacherin the totals row: this funcition helps you to see immediately if a teacher has too much or not enough work load.