Settings for teacher optimisation

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The figure below shows the settings in the optimisation dialogue ('Start | Optimisation') for automatic teacher assignment.





The individual settings have the following meaning:


No optimisation of teacher assign. : Checking this box deactivates the teacher exchange. All '(V) Variable teacher' codes will be ignored.


 With this setting ?-teachers will not be changed, either.

No swap with other subjects : Exchanges will only be made with the same subject.

Swap only less. with equal periods : Exchanges will only be made with lessons that have the same number of periods.

Swap only within one class level : Exchanges will only be made with lessons that belong to the same class level (year). The class level (year) is defined with the corresponding entry under 'Classes | Master Data'.

Re-assign original teachers : Clicking on this button results in all teacher exchanges performed in earlier optimisations being deleted. This means that every subject will be taught by the teacher entered for that lesson.