Value calculation settings

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You can find various possibilities to set parameters for value calculation on the 'Value calculation' tab under 'Start | Settings | Miscellaneous'.





without Subject Factor , without Teacher Factor , without Class Factor : You can use these options to override individual factors that you entered in the master data. This means that these factors will no longer be taken into consideration during value calculation.

Decimal places : Here you specify the number of decimal digits (maximum three) with which the values and the various factors in the different views should be displayed.

Yearly values : You can specify whether weekly or yearly values should be displayed.

Minute calculation If you work with different period lengths you can choose to perform value calculation to the exact minute.

Count only school days : Use this option to determine whether all the weeks of a school year should be included in value calculation or just those with at least one day of lessons (i.e. whether school holiday should be included or not).

Calculation of the yearly weeks using single days : This option is only activated if you have checked the 'Count only school days' box. The option results in the number of school weeks in a school year being calculated according to the following formula: (number of school days in the school year) / (number of teaching days in the weekly grid)

Yearly value : This is where you enter the yearly value corresponding to a full year's teaching commitment for a teacher. For example, a value of 900 means that a teacher should teach 900 periods in a year. This option allows you to view - in the teacher master data - the percentage of the teaching commitment that has already been assigned to the teacher. You will find more information on this in chapter 'Percentage factor (yearly values)' .