Teaching qualification

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Information on which teachers can teach which subjects is very important for the 'lesson planning' module. On the basis of the teaching qualifications Untis can for example:

Propose alternative teachers in the event of teacher shortages

Automatically assign suitable teachers to any lesson before or during optimisation,

Optimise teaching teams in the case of coupled lessons,

propose suitable periods that a teacher with too few lessons can take


You can specify which subjects the current teacher may teach on the 'Teach. qual.' tab under 'Teachers | Master data'. Individual subjects can also be combined into subject groups , with a difference being made between implicit and explicit subject groups.



In the upper part of the window (table at the top) the individual teaching qualifications can be shown, but not edited.


You can find the table with the individual teaching qualifications in the teachers' master data on the left of the 'Teach. qual.' tab.





The table columns have the following meanings:


Subject: In this column enter the subjects or subject groups that that the teacher in question may teach. The figure shows that an explicit subject group (‘Science) as well as two implicit subject groups ('PE?' for 'PEG' and 'PEB' as well as 'Ma*' for all subjects beginning with ‘Ma’) have been defined.

The input here is case-sensitive. An 'm' entered for 'Mathematics' or 'Music' would be interpreted by Untis as a new subject group 'm'.



Tip: Element-Rollup

Element-Rollup allows you to enter subjects using drag & drop.






Per: This field shows how many periods per week the teacher already takes in this subject (or in subjects in the subject group). This column is purely informational; for this reason you cannot enter anything in it.


Level: Use this column to define the school levels in which the teacher may teach the subject concerned. For example, entering '1-2' would limit the teacher qualification for this subject for classes at school levels 1 to 2.

You can enter the school level under 'Classes | Master Data' in the 'Level' column.




If you delete a subject under 'Subjects | Master Data' for which a teacher qualification has been defined for a teacher, the qualification will also be deleted.


There are a number of buttons next to the teaching qualification table:

Create tea. qual. from lessons: Clicking this button results in the list of teaching qualifications being automatically created from the lessons that have so far been entered. This assumes that a teacher is qualified to teach every lesson that he takes. Teaching qualifications that have already been entered will not be modified.

Del. teach. qualif: Clicking on this button results in the lists of teaching qualifications for all teachers being deleted. You can delete individual teaching qualifications by selecting the desired row and pressing <DEL>.

Subject and subject group: You can select colours to differentiate more easily between subjects and subject groups . This is especially useful when similar names are used. The setting has no effect outside the 'Teach qual.' tab.