Teachers/subjects report

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This report will display a list for each teacher showing how many subjects and the number of periods taught per week. The value units for the lessons are displayed in a separate column.


You can determine the following settings in the print selection dialogue:





Selection : Clicking on this button allows you to select which elements should be displayed.

Don’t print elements without data : If you check this box only those elements will be displayed that are actually included in lessons. For example, if teacher Newton has not been assigned any lessons he will not be output in the teachers/subjects report. If, on the other hand, the box is unchecked, the teacher will appear in the report with 0 periods and 0 value units.

With ignored lessons : On the 'Codes' tab under lessons you have the option of ignoring lessons. Ignored lessons are counted in the calculation but are not scheduled.

With classes : Checking this option results in the report being extended to include classes. The teachers/subjects report will then additionally list for each subject the number of periods the teachers take and the relevant classes. The same applies to the subjects/teachers report.