Teacher's yearly work

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With the teacher’s yearly work model, as the name suggests, the teacher’s workload applies to the year as a whole and not as usual to one week. The following values can contribute to the yearly workload:


Lessons according to the timetable

Reductions , which can be classified as follows:

Reductions resulting from lessons held such as preparation, follow-up work, corrections etc.

Reductions that depend on the teacher’s yearly target workload such as further training

Miscellaneous reductions such as timetable scheduling, theatre group supervision etc.


Option 'Yearly values' on the 'Value calculation' tab under 'Start | Settings | Miscellaneous' must be checked. This causes the tab 'Yearly work' to be displayed in the teacher master data.





In addition, a value should be entered for every teacher in the 'Plan/year' field on the 'Values' tab under 'Teachers | Master data'.