Teacher suggestion

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If you are not sure which teacher is the most suitable for a certain lesson when you are entering data you can enter a ? as wildcard teacher instead of a normal teacher’s name. The <Teacher suggestion> function will help you to find a suitable teacher later.

You can of course use this function to search for alternative teachers for lessons that have already been scheduled.


The teacher suggestion function is invoked by clicking the corresponding icon in a lesson window (e.g. 'Classes | Lessons') and is performed for the lesson that you click on with the mouse.





Additionally there are four fields available to make a selection:




Only qualified teach. : Checking this box results in only those teachers being included in the selection who are qualified to teach the subject in question.

Yearly values : Use this box to determine whether weekly or yearly values should be displayed in the 'Plan', 'Actual' and 'Actual-planned' columns.
Window in foreground Checking this box results in teacher suggestions always being displayed in the foreground.

Auto-refresh les. teach. : If this box is checked you only need to click on a suggested teacher once to display the selected teacher in the lesson window as well.




Please bear in mind that in the case of multi-teacher couplings, teaching teams have a direct effect on how lessons are scheduled.


Let us assume that teacher Curie belongs to two teams of teachers. She teaches design together with teacher Gauss and sport with teacher Newton.


For example, as soon as all sports lessons a have been scheduled this constellation results in the period for design being blocked. If teacher Newton also belongs to a further team of teachers, its lessons are also blocked.


This means that chains of conflict can arise that lead to a large number of non-scheduled periods. (Please refer to the sections on' CCC analysis ' and ' Teaching teams ' in the user manual for more information.)


For this reason the suggested teachers are displayed on a coloured background.

Green means that the teacher already teaches in this team.

White means that allocating this teacher would lead to the creation of a new team of teachers but that the suggested teacher still teaches fewer than nine periods in teaching teams.

Red signifies those teachers who already teach nine periods or more in couplings with other teams.



Tip: Substitute ?-teacher

With the lessons view for teachers you can easily and systematically process all open teacher entries. Select the ?-teacher under 'Lessons | Teachers' and insert suitable teachers into the lessons row by row with the help of the teacher suggestion feature. The processed lessons disappear from the ?-teacher overview and are placed under the assigned teacher.