Several teachers involved

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When several teachers share a coupled lesson, the value for each coupling line is calculated as for one teacher , and these values are then added together.



Warning: Class not in coupling line

If the class in question is not in a coupling line, the value of the coupling line will be 0.



Example: Value of lesson 77 for class 1a





First coupling line, teacher Ander


Two weekly periods for a class, the value is 2.000.

2 / 1 = 2


Second coupling line, teacher Gauss


Class 1a is not included in this coupling line, the value is 0.000.


Third coupling line, teacher Curie


Two weekly periods for two classes, the value is 1.000.

2 / 2 = 2


Total value for lesson 77


The total value for the lesson is the sum of the coupling lines, i.e. 3.000

2 + 0 + 1 = 3