The 'One week' option

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The lessons windows allow you to display how lessons and subjects are distributed for a certain week. For this, select the <Settings> toolbox icon and then the 'One week' option





Activating this option makes an field available in the centre of the lower section of the lessons view where you can select the week of the lessons to be displayed.






Lesson number 33 is to be held in the period from 5 October - 8 November. The lesson will now only be displayed if a week is specified in which it actually occurs.


The value displayed only relates to the week set, i.e. time limitations are not included in this view.


When using the 'One week' setting it is not important for values referring to the week whether the 'Count only school days' option is activated or not. If the lesson can in principle be held in a certain week (according to the time limitation period or because the week is not in the school holidays) it is included in the value calculation, otherwise it is excluded fully.



Note: Only valid for the current window

The 'One week' setting only applies to the lessons window that is currently active. If, for example, you activate the setting in the teacher' lessons window, it will have no effect on the lessons view of the classes.