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With time limitations the value of a lesson always depends on the length of the term in which it is held.



Warning: Terms

If terms are used, this is no longer the case: A term has the same value as a whole school year as far as value calculation is concerned. This means that a lesson that is held in a term is evaluated as if it were held for the whole school year.

The reason for this is that frequently at the beginning of a school year a short period, e.g. 4 weeks, is planned and its values are then taken as budget values for the remainder of the school year. This prevents for example a one-week ski course during the school year from disrupting the value calculation.

Terms like limitation

If you want to display the value of the lesson which it contributes through the limitation of the term, then go to 'Start | Settings | Miscellaneous' on the 'Value calculation' tab and activate the option 'Terms like limitation'.


The values of Arist's lessons are limited to the time range of this period due to this option and thus significantly lower than weekly periods.