School data

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You can view the following information on the 'Values' tab under the menu option 'Start | Settings | School data':





Value totals for all teachers : This is the total of weekly and yearly values of all teachers entered in the teacher master data.

Ignored lessons (total) : This is the total of all ignored lessons.

Open period values (without teachers) : This is the total of all lessons that have not been assigned a teacher.

Planned Periods for all teachers : This figure represents the total of all planned periods for all teachers.

Total planned - actual (if >0) for all teachers : If a teacher's planned-actual value is greater 0 this means that he/she has not yet fulfilled his/her teaching commitment. This is the total of the planned-actual values of all teachers where this is the case. If this value is 0 then none of your teachers has a workload below his/her contractual target.