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The most important parameters and entries for value calculation can be found on the 'Values' tab in the form view in the master data of the teachers.





Plan/week : This is where you enter the lesson value units that the teacher must take each week to fulfil his/her teaching commitment.


Targ/week max : This field is important for variable teacher assignment during optimisation. When the optimisation process assigns this teacher lessons from another teacher, the system will check to ensure that his/her total value units do not exceed this value.

Per : This is where the number of weekly periods is displayed.


Value lesson : Here the value units are shown coming from lessons (i.e. not from reductions).


Reductions: This is the total of reductions entered for the relevant teacher under 'Lessons | Reductions'.


Value units : Here you can see how much the teacher’s lessons are 'worth'. The next few pages describe how this value is calculated.


Actual-planned : This value is the difference between the teacher's (contractually) agreed workload and the currently assigned value units. A positive value therefore signifies overemployment while a negative value means that this teacher must take additional lessons in order to fulfil his/her teaching commitment.

  Percent of target : This field indicates how much of the teacher's target has been met in percentage terms, i.e. you can see immediately whether the teacher is working below or above capacity.


Yearly average : The yearly average is the average lesson value taken over all terms.


Factor : Depending on the teacher's seniority the periods that he/she teaches are weighted. The value that you enter here will be multiplied with the number of periods per week.