Lesson group with factor

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Lesson group with factor You can also define a factor for the lesson group in the 'Factor' column in the lesson group window, for example if each semester is to count the same even if they are not exactly the same length.




Please open the Demo2.gpn file and deactivate the teacher, class and subject factors. Lesson group H1 is time-limited to the period from 7 September to 31 January. This would in theory result in a factor of 0.475. However, a value of 0.500 has been entered in the 'Factor' column in the lesson group window, and this factor is used for subsequent calculations





If you assign lesson 10 to lesson group H1 the value of the lesson will now be calculated as follows:


(weekly periods) * (time limitation factor for the lesson group) = (value)


6 * 0.5 = 3






Note: lessons every two weeks

If A and B weeks are not distributed equally over the school year, you can use the proceedings described above also for lessons being held every two weeks.



Warning: Time-limited lessons

If a lesson is time-limited and a factor is assigned to the lesson group, only the factor will be included in the calculation and not the time limitation of the lesson.