Lesson group without factor

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If you do not enter any factor for the lesson group, the limitation factor will be calculated from the length of the time limitation and the number of school or teaching weeks in the same way as in chapter ' Value calculation with time limitations '.




The time pattern below was assigned to lesson group 'Sports'.


The time limitation factor for this lesson group is 18 / 40 =  0.4500.





Now open 'Lessons | Teachers' and look at lesson 2 of teacher Aristotle.


The lesson with number 2 of Aristoteles is assigned to the lesson group 'Sports' and the value is the product of weekly periods and time limitation factor for the lesson group:


(weekly periods) * (time limitation factor for the lesson group) = (value)


3 * 0.4500 = 1.350






Warning: Time-limited lessons

If a lesson is time-limited and no factor is assigned to the lesson group, only the time limitation of the lesson will be included in the calculation and not the time limitation due to the lesson group.