Previous year’s teacher

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If you still have the gpn file from last year, you can allocate the previous year’s teachers to a class with a few clicks.


For this, there must be a valid previous year’s name entered in the master data for all classes. For example, in the figure below class 2a was class 1a last year.





If previous year’s names are entered, toolbar icon <Last year’s teacher> will be active in class lessons under 'Classes | Lessons'. This results in every open lesson - i.e. every lesson where the ? teacher appears - being allocated the teacher who taught that subject to the previous year’s class.


Please note that it is not the lessons as a whole that are copied from one class to another. It is only the previous year's teachers that are copied - the other lesson data for the class remain unchanged.





Function <Delete teachers> deletes the entries in the 'Teacher' column only for the currently displayed lessons and for no other lessons.








When transferring teachers from the previous year the order in which you process the classes is important. You must begin with the senior classes and work your way back. Click first in the most senior class on <Delete teachers> and then on <Last year's teacher>. Then repeat this step for the next class down, and so on.