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Values It is often the case that lessons do not all contribute equally to a teacher’s full complement of hours. For example, the subject or the class level (year) taught actually determines how much a lesson is 'worth'.


If you have the 'Multi-week timetable' module you can also take interruptions and time restrictions of the lessons into consideration, which also play an important role in value calculation.


As value calculation is relevant at a point in time when lessons have not yet been scheduled (e.g. when subjects are being allocated), it is not possible to know in advance whether the lessons will be scheduled for a day when there is no school (e.g. because of a public holiday).


Therefore the calculation of yearly values (or for example when periods are limited in the multi-week timetable module) it is assumed when counting the weeks that 'all or none' are included. A week in which lessons are held on only one day (e.g. before or after holidays) counts the same as a week with five school days.




The only important thing is that it is basically possible for a lesson to be scheduled in a particular week.